Some Loofah by the Sea History

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Loofah Farm

The Early Years

Loofah By The Sea the company started back in 1997 in North San Diego. We first experimented with growing with different type of seeds bought from the Desert Seed company out of El Centro Valley. Our testing grounds were in the Groves section of Rancho Sante Fe ,CA. Over the years we grew the different variety of Loofah Plants on trellises, on the ground ,fences as well as Orange Trees. The issue we had growing in over 200 orange trees was the fact that it cut the production of the oranges so we changed to strictly fences and the trellises. With that format we were able to grow the loofah gourds as long as 28 inches.


Over the years of growing loofahs we were able to form a hybrid from the seeds of the South American Loofahs. The result is a highly desirable loofah that is much softer and pliable than the Asian variety. Our company “Loofah By The Sea” started small and over the years has grown to service some of the highest end Resorts and Health Spas in the United States. We can custom cut or copy any loofah item with a superior loofah product that is one of the most desirable natural health sponges available. Feel free to explore this site to see our growing process .

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