Check Out Our Loofah Kits

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Check Out Our Loofah Kits

Our loofah kits satisfy the needs of the wholesaler as well as the end user. We have some special spa packages for the individual user that includes two 5″ raw loofahs, an 8 oz bath gel with natural purified granulated loofah, as well as three types of padded loofahs . It is also described as a “Loofah Kit” . We produce the loofahs from the seeds to the final products and can custom cut and copy any loofah item. You can order loofahs from 10-inches to as small as 1 or 2-inches for custom soaps, or whatever your loofah needs may be. Loofah By The Sea is a local North San Diego company and all of our loofah orders are shipped out of Carlsbad, California.

Loofah By The Sea allows both the smaller and larger orders to be done online and as mentioned in earlier posts our loofahs are softer and more desirable than the Asian variety. The loofah is a dried vegetable gourd that sometimes can grow to as large as 30 to 40-inches. Whatever your loofah needs are, Loofah By The Sea is here to help provide you with some of the best loofah sponges in the World. The loofah sponge has been used in the Orient and European resorts and health spas for thousands of years. It’s a natural way of cleaning and stimulating circulation leaves the skin refreshed and invigorated. Its excellent for conditioning the rough areas of the elbows, heels, and soles. Directions for use are to wet the loofah to soften, apply your favorite soap, and gently massage the skin. After you use one rinse the loofah and hang to dry.

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